Hello lovely lady.  

I'm guessing you are here because you feel you've lost the ying to your yang, your mo to your jo, perhaps you're feeling frazzled and low and want your happy glow?

 Ok so I'm no lyrical genius... but what I am REALLY good at, is maximising the potential of your mind, so you can create a life of sustained health, wealth (if you want) and a whole load of happiness. 


 It’s absolutely no accident you're here. 

You and I have come together for some very special reasons, aside from the ones I've mentioned above:  

I want to show you what YOU are truly capable of with the right mindset 

I want you to do discover what a beautiful, strong and inspirational woman you are. (Even if you don’t believe it right now!) 

I want you to be free of limiting beliefs, negative thoughts, templates, behaviours and habits that no longer serve you and have held you back.

I want you to know that you are needed; you are loved; and that you are special.

I want you to do discover that life is so much easier when you learn how to put yourself first in the right way and use your mind to its fullest potential. 

This IS the beginning of something beautiful for YOU


Your past and present do not determine your future.  

For every second of every minute of every day you have a choice. 

The choice to create a life that lights YOU up. 

By making the choice to put you first EVERYTHING will change in your life for the better. 

You'll have better clairty, more energy, feel more confident, ability to do the things you once thought were impossible. 

Today could be the first day of the rest of a life YOU want. 

How do I know? 

Because I've worked with so many incredible women like YOU.  

Women that were once lost like you

Women that were once drained like you 

Women, who like you couldn't find a way out of their habits, behaviours and limiting beliefs that were holding them back.  

And I’ve helped them to transform their lives, their relationships and their way of thinking in a relatively short period of time.

 I want to do the same for you and show you just how incredibly easy and affordable it can be! 

Which is why I created CALMALIFE.  

A monthly membership that helps you to create a calmer, healthier and happier life at a fraction of the cost of 1-2-1 support, said another way less than 50p a day!  

So, what is it you get exactly for less than 50p per day?  




Here's How it Works:

You'll have access to your very own login and within the Calmalife Portal:

Each month you will have access to:

  • A Masterclass delivered by an amazing guest expert (covering topics such as exercise, nutrition, confidence, self-esteem, self-love, managing finances, getting the best out of your monthly cycles, relationships and communication and MUCH more! 
  • A live group hypnosis session with me once a month - these are very powerful and life changing sessions.
  • A LIVE power hour Q&A session with me once a month - this is a chance to be personally coached by me to help you move past anything that's standing in your way. 

PLUS you'll benefit from some incredible bonuses!

  • A specialist creative writer that will provide lessons around writing / jounraling along with journal prompts and exercises each month aligned to the guest expert masterclasses 
  • Workbooks to accompany the guest expert masterclasses 
  • Weekly Q&A Support with me
  • The most supportive community you'll ever be part of
  • A Free gift upon signing up! 

Ok, so now you know whats included, how would it feel knowing you can:

  •  Control EVERY aspect of your life.
  •  Make any transformation you want simple & affordable 
  •  Become the best version of you, a you that is CALM, CONFIDENT & in CONTROL every single day. 
  •  Eliminate negative thinking and behaviours 
  •  Be more present with loved ones
  •  Be happy with your body 
  •  Have unstoppable motivation
  •  Wake up feeling happy and content everyday
  •  Create lasting habits 
  • Achieve anything you put your mind too

It’s ALL possible, with


Ok, so where do I fit into all of this? (I'll try and keep it brief)

From the age of 11, I became a young carer for my mum who suffered from manic bipolar depression and schizophrenia.  

Year after year I saw a woman I loved so deeply not have the ability to control her mind, not because she didn’t want to but because she didn’t know how. There simply wasn't the right support in place.  

She would overdose around 5-6 times a year, year after year for as long as I can remember.  

Of course, watching my mum in this way and carrying the weight of the world on my shoulders at such a young age, had a detrimental effect on me and how I viewed the world.  

I was an anxious person, a very angry person and certainly had my bouts of feeling depressed. Not to mention the behavioural conditioning along the way. I became possessive in relationships, as I truly believed that pain and misfortune would come to those I could not watch over.  

I couldn’t trust. I couldn’t feel safe. Which makes sense if you think about it. It’s not until my later years I realised just how irrational that behaviour was.  

At 26, having met the man of my dreams, I fell pregnant, life was good.  

Right up until the morning of September the 27th where I got a call from the hospital to say my mum had died.  

At 5 months pregnant, I had just lost my mother when a daughter needed her mother most.  

My world crumbled around me all over again.  

The panic attacks and anxiety came back with vengeance.  

I knew I had to make a change, I couldn't let history repeat itself.  

So, I took Action.  

  I sought alternative therapy. Not medication, I didn’t believe in it. Not counselling, I didn’t want to relive my dark past.  

I turned to Solution Focused Therapy and Hypnotherapy. A game changer, and what I owe my life too.  

See, there is a huge misconception around what hypnosis is all about. I’d like a pound for every time someone has made a passing comment of ‘look  

 into my eyes’ OR ‘can you make me cluck like a chicken?’  

The power of hypnotherapy is massively underrated.  

  In just 6 weeks, this therapy had changed my life. The way I thought, the way I felt, the way I viewed the world.  

It allowed me to become the best version of me, without anything holding me back.  

Heck, it was so powerful in helping me to leverage the power of my mind, I managed to have my son at home in a pool in my front room, with no medical intervention!  

After I had my son, the new found appreciation that I had for life was so powerful, I’d said goodbye to my beautiful mother and just a few months later I was holding the most amazing little boy in my arms.  

Life was never going to be the same again.  

And the process made me realise JUST how powerful the mind is.  

See, how we chose to think, changes how we feel, and how we feel determines how we show up in the world. our internal world becomes our external world, our beliefs shape who we become and what we think we are capable of.  

  For years, my mum suffered as a result of not knowing how to manage her mind in the right way and I truly believe it was a series of bad events in her life with the lack of mind management that got her to the point of mental illness  

I also believe that had I have not intercepted the help when I did, my life would be very different now. 

So often we find ourselves in a reactive state in terms of our mindset, only when things get too stressful do we take action, only when we are in the throws of burn out do we realise that things need to change, only when our immunity has taken an absolute pounding do we realise we need better our habits and get to grips with self care.  

How powerful would we be mentally and physically if we became more proactive in the way we approached our mindset?  

Not only would we negate the potential plethora of mental and physical illnesses, It would increase overall happiness in life, love, business, It would give us more mental clarity, focus, confidence, It would open up our world to new opportunities, a new way of living that is conducive to a life of health, wealth and happiness. ​  

And there, within those thoughts is where I decided to take action.  

My mission was to turn Mindset Management into a proactive and integral way of living.  

​ Minimising mental and physical illnesses exacerbated by stress.  

There was no way I was going to waste another second. When my son was just 4 months old, I started training to become a solution-focused Clinical Hypnotherapist and Psychotherapist. 

Fast forward to this very moment, I have been honoured enough to inspire and change with my personal and professional experience the lives of so many incredible people all over the world.

My mission with CALMALIFE is to help change even more lives at an affordable price. 

​ Sam Colclough  

Clinical Solution focused Hypnotherapist, Psychotherapist & Mindset Coach.


  'I love the hypnosis tracks and level of support from Sam.

She is very open and willing to help and seems genuinely caring, in a extent I haven’t found before. Also not over promising but genuinely offering via authentic marketing. Awesome : )  

She is genuinely awesome! I trained in hypnotherapy a number of years ago, so have used tracks but not in this useful structure with ongoing support !'


'Working with Sam has been a real breakthrough for me. 

In times when I have felt paralysed by the magnitude of the challenges before me, the clarity which she has provided has been instrumental in getting me back on track. 

Sam’s invaluable insights about how our minds work have allowed me to face challenges in a whole new way. 

As someone with an academic background and as a lawyer attracted to logic, a practical and science-based approach has really made a difference in how I tackle my own stumbling blocks. 

My fears and weaknesses no longer feel like unsurmountable burdens; I understand them and with Sam’s shared knowledge can overcome them in a meaningful way and with an approach that marks a real and long-lasting change in my habits. 

The understanding and tools that Sam has given to me have already made a significant improvement in my mindset and productivity.'


"Sam provides wonderful expertise that's broken down into useful and understandable nuggets. She's created a wonderfully supportive community along with it!  

I feel Calmalife is the anchor amidst the constant turmoil of life. 

Sam is so caring, understanding, supportive and knowledgeable - my anchor! "


"I love being able to work through the course in my own time and the online support. 

Calmalife has helped me to feel optimistic about the future and being able to use the tools to get where I want and need to be in my life. 

Sam is so approachable, encouraging and it genuinely feels like she wants to help us and not just get the money! She's pretty fab'




  •  You'll have a new sense of direction
  •  You'll feel calmer
  •  You'll have more confidence 
  •  You'll feel more in control
  •  No more feeling stressed & overwhelmed 
  •  You'll sleep better 
  •  Relationships will improve 
  •  You'll feel bold enough to make decsions 
  •  Less Anxious
  •  Happier 
  •  Carefree 
  •  Able to do things you never thought you'd be able to do 



You can have ALL this for just

£14.99 Per month!  

Join now!


Here are a few things that my clients and customers ask, along with my responses! If you’ve got more questions, don’t hesitate to email my team at sam@asgoodasyourmind.com.

  • What is the Calmalife Membership?

The Calmalife Membership is a monthly online subscription which combines coaching & hypnosis to acheive optimum results at an affordable price. Calmalife makes it easy and fun to manage your mind so you can acheive what you once thought was te unachiveable!  

  •  What if I want to cancel my membership? 

There is no risk in joining. Cancelling the Membership prevents your payment method from being charged at your next billing date. Please be aware to cancel the payment method from being charged at your next billing date. You’ll continue to be able to access and benefit from the Membership through the last day of the month in which you cancel. Please be aware this changes on certain promotions, please be sure to read T&C's by clicking here..

  • What is Hypnosis ?

Hypnosis is a natural state that we are familiar with. We all move in and out of the hypnotic state all day long. For instance, sometimes we go into this state when we’re driving, watching TV, listening to music, or working on a project that we’re passionate about. Hypnosis is the state from which you can make extremely powerful changes in your life because it is the state in which you are the most receptive, creative, and intuitive. Some people can enter into hypnosis more quickly than others, and everyone can improve their ability to reach the hypnotic state through practice. A lot of people think they can’t be hypnotised, but they can. Everyone can be hypnotised. Hypnosis is more similar to daydreaming than it is to sleep. (Although, if you do fall asleep during hypnosis, the suggestions are still absorbed.)

  • Can I fall asleep whilst listening?

Absolutely, It works whether you choose to stay awake or fall asleep, I always advise that my clients listen to MP3 in bed as it helps them get into a postive space before sleep which is really beneficial, PLUS it avoids any disruption. 

  • Is the Calmalife membership for me? 

Yes! Absolutely, everyone can benefit from changing their life positively. Calmalife Is perfect in helping women make transformation simple, whether it be stress reduction, eliminating anxiety, sadness or anger, limiting beliefs, self sabatoage, weight loss and much more. Calmalife Membership will give you the structure and guidance you need to stay on track

  • How is the Calmalife Membership delivered? 

Everything is in the Membership portal! You just log in and can access modules which contains hypnosis MP3s, Meditations, affirmations and more. You can access the Membership portal from your computer, tablet or smartphone. You can also download the audio and save it on your devices. Plus you can join our private Facebook group to ask questions, take part in the live hypnosis, and much more. 


'I love CALMALIFE for everything that it stands for and Samantha is truly amazing at everything she does and creates for her CALMALIFE members on her membership site and inner circle Facebook group! 

By becoming a member I can say, this is the best decision I have made. Samantha is an expert in helping to overcome some of my old negative beliefs and fears that were standing in my way for a long time. 

I no longer feel alone or misunderstood because I’m a part of a wonderful tribe where women support, understand and help each other along side with Samantha’s help, advice and expertise. 

I believe we all sometimes need a light to be shined just to show us, that there is hope and that old habits, negative beliefs and subconscious behaviours that brings us no fruition, can be changed towards positive to help us achieve a happier inner peace and calmer life with more productivity and clarity.  

Calmalife have brought my stress levels down, helped to maintain inner peace and offered very good visual aspect on how our brain work which helped to understand and learn to control how I react to stressful situations. Her hypnotherapy MP3’s are amazing in helping to reduce unnecessary stress and anxiety, to get clarity and calmness back into my life.  

Sam is a beautiful soul, professional and knowledgeable in her field, her personality shines through with calmness, care, authenticity and a friendly approach, She is non judgmental, always understanding, supportive and so very much helpful!! Sam will go the extra mile for her members and she is always there when you need her!!  

You are our light in the moments of darkness!! Thank you so much for creating CALMALIFE and for everything that you do!!